Keeping Youtube Videos on file

Snapshot from Google Video that disappearedWish I had thought of getting this this done with the video of the female magician that someone sent me on Facebook – it really was hilarious. But for some reason it was pulled back from distribution by Youtube and when I wanted to present it to some friends last week, it was already gone and all I manged to find by searching on Youtube was a censored clip in a terrible quality.


Downloading videos from video services like Youtube does not always have to be in Flash. I have been using the downloadhelper FireFox extension for a while, but noticed that there might be another way involving a smart bookmark supporting mp4 file format directly when saving

The bookmarklet developed by Ionut Alex Chitu is pulling the video_id from the Youtube page and taking advantage of the flag fmt=18 to make the video exportable with nice text for the major browsers. The download link is made available in the embed box on the video page.

javascript:if (document.getElementById('download-youtube-video')==null &&
                   !!(document.location.href.match(/http:\/\/[a-zA-Z\.]*youtube\.com\/watch/))) {
                  var yt_mp4_path='<a href="">'+swfArgs['video_id']+'&t='+swfArgs['t']</a>;
                 var div_embed=document.getElementById('watch-embed-div');
                    var div_download=document.createElement('div');
                    div_download.innerHTML='<br><span id="download-youtube-video"><a       href="'+yt_mp4_path+'">Download as MP4</a> '+
'(control-click and select <i>Download linked file as</i>)':
                   ('(right-click and select <i>Save'+(navigator.appName=='Microsoft Internet Explorer'?'target':'link')+' as)</i>'))+

Works like a dream for me. Also as one of the comments in the article suggested, pasting the URL into – gets the job done as well.

There seems to be a number of options, some of the other services mentioned in the comment section may be (have not tried any of these myself):