Get rid of “Call Forward Active” on your iPhone

I cannot take credit for this one myself, but have to make a note because I know a lot of people with this need. I tried the easy solution myself and my phone was up and running without the annoying “Call forward active” message right after restart.

Credit goes to Arun Kumar for this:

For those people who feel that a msg “Call forwarding active” is annoying can try this:

  1. SSH ur phone using winscp or putty
  2. Go to /private/var/mobile/Library/preferences/
  3. Gownload XML spear software to edit the plist files…
  4. Get the key ShowCallForwarding to False.
  5. Save it and exit..
  6. Restart ur phone…


For everybody else that do not want to mess around with editing this plist file, try this:

  1. Add source to the installer.
  2. Find “Fjern viderekobling” in the install tab
  3. Install it and restart your phone..