Adobe and International Pricing

So Adobe Lightroom 2.0 was announced July 29th 2008 . A very impressive feature list available here including the announced upgrade pricing of USD 99.

Adobe Lightroom pricing in Denmark
Adobe Lightroom pricing in Denmark

I would love to have purchased this online there and then, but because I have a credit card issued in Denmark, I am forced to use the Adobe Denmark online shop. And, well, that shop certainly does not offer fair pricing compared to the US list price.

Initially I thought the Adobe Denmark online shop might need some time to get the prices up to date, but even after a week it looks like a firm policy that people not living in the US should pay a premium for that penalty.

In the online store pages, Adobe Denmark list price for the upgrade is set as DKK 925 or USD 196. Please note this is the same product you can purchase on the US portal for USD 99.


See for yourself here – You may want to use Google to do the currency translation. Just type “925 DKK in USD” in the Google search field and you will get the updated valuation.

Kudos to Adobe product management for taking the discussion online though. I posted a comment with my pricing question on their announcement blog, and it has not been censored.

But then again, it has not been addressed either.