Mini Review of Übernote

nogebookLearning that Google is stopping their developing efforts on Google Notebook, was somewhat of a setback as I have been using this product almost like a daily journal and have developed a habit of archiving almost everything there. Not only bookmarks and links but also technical notes detailing tricks I learned about or had performed on some website. Tricks that I might need to find again eventually.

Well, it is not the end of the world because Google is not pulling the service off the shelves – they are merely stopping further development of this project. But it does looks like a bad token. Hence I started looking elsewhere and I found a link to Übernote at the newly created blog “Save Google Notebook” and decided to give it a shot.

Signing up for a free account at Übernote was easy and their intro video left me with a nice and warm impression. (Almost as when I first encountered Evernote). It did not, however, take long to find a couple of inconveniences that I find it hard to live with here:

  1. Performance is really slow compared to Google Notes. Occasionally I found myself trying to switch between views (Important, All notes, Untagged etc) several times with no effect until I realized this new service was lagging seriously and I had to wait patiently for the updates to reach my browser in this part of the world.
  2. Tagging is a beast. Being used to add tags on the fly as a comma separated list and then saving in Google Notebook, this one will take some time getting used to.


    In Übernote the tag palette disappeared right after I entered my first tag and forced me to grab the mouse again to reactivate the palette.Not sure if there is a shortcut for this in Übernote, or another way of doing it. The way I tried of adding tags is really not convenient.

  3. Formatting is a nightmare. Here is an example where I have imported one of my journals with a code fragment from Google Notebook:

    Copy/Paste works great between the two. I could even merge two notes from Google Notebook into one at Übernote. Apparently Übernote does not have the same size restrictions on single notes as Google Notebook. But look at what happens after I have saved and for a second switched to a different view and then back to “All notes”

Oh horror! Well, as I mentioned, I might be doing it wrong. If Übernote can get these cranks out of the way, it looks like there is a lot of potential for them now after Google stopped being a competitor on this field.

And of course there are other nice features build into Übernote that I have not even touched just yet. Not sure I really want to move though.

Kind regards

Torben Brams