Searching pictures in Google+

Adding to my list of options for online storage of photos, Google+ recently released an enhanced version of their Photo services including better natural language search and various image enhancements under the term “Awesomeness”.

The fact that they now allow original size upload makes me re-consider spending time on figuring out how to best use the service, after became interesting again with their new interface and services just before that.

I used to be a Picasaweb user and for that reason have thousands and thousands of my photos on Google+ as private albums already, but I have no idea how to efficiently navigate all this. My assumption that Google certainly would be able to offer outstanding search seems to have been a little naive.

With the natural language search as the most prominent search tool, Google has decided to drop all feature documentation. And it is pretty effective, if you figure out some of the undocumented features.

I searched for “dog” and got a lot of results … some of them are good, some are clearly a long way from a match to the human eye.

Search for "dog" in Google+
Search for “dog” in Google+

At first I was impressed that it was able to spot the tiny dog head in this picture

Tiny dog in this picture
Tiny dog in this picture

But then I noticed the caption in the picture stated something using the word “dog”, so that was not so impressive anyway.

Also, some of the automatically matched images (no hints in the captions or titles here) are clearly off. Here are two


How do I?

  • Tags
    I noticed that it is probably possible to search for for tags, because searching for “#AutoAwesome” will provide all of the images in your collection enhanced by Google. But since there is no tags to be seen anywhere in the Photo detail section, I wonder how I can manage these tags from the browser?
  • Search for camera data
    In Flickr and other photo services there are ways to search your camera data, for example easily locating all your shots taken with the Canon X9 camera last year. I tried a number of times in vain, I just cannot guess what I am supposed to do on Google+ to search camera data.
  • If anybody finds this – please let me know if you can lead me in the right direction.