You know your branding is successful when…

This is just a fun note – I stumbled upon this picture while browsing through my news reader the other day, and although the article was about something completely different, I was somewhat surprised to see such a well know brand in a – for me at least – exotic location.

familiar Ice cream logo?

It struck me that I am used to see Coca Cola all over the place and no longer even notices this, but seeing Unilever’s Ice cream brand there was a nice surprise.

Without having researched this to any detail, it seems like Unilever has decided to vary the name of the “brand” but maintained the visual appearance of the logo as the common denominator across the globe. Another clever strategy IMO because it removes the language specific implications that other vendors may be facing from time to time and introduces the freedom to come up with something appealing in the local language.


While I was working with the health care sector at Digitial Equipment Corporation many years ago, I was told that we at DEC had to cancel a large and promising project framework offering globally because Computer Integrated New Drug Approval, or CINDA for short, supposedly meant death or another unfortunate thing in Japanese. (Not sure this is a fact, but nevertheless at that time the internal message carried a lot of credibility and I can easily imagine how this could very well be the case)