Fixing the Mighty Mouse Scroller

Ever since I started my Apple journey, I have been surprised how few setbacks I have had. Totally unexpected – if I could only get back some of the time I have spend fixing and reinstalling the numerous PC’s I have been dealing with, I would be a very young man again. But in all fairness, the setback I have had with the Apple products have been:

  • Memory problem with a MacBook
    The MacBook was delivered with faulty memory. after a number of visits to the Genius store, they finally gave in and replaced the bad chips. No problems with that ever again.
  • Upgrading to Leopard removed iLife.
    Doing a fresh install of Leopard on my iMac deleted everything including iLife. I had an aha experience having to purchase the the iLife product. Felt like wasted money since it came bundled with the iMac when I got it. Oh, well.
  • And finally the Mighty mouse scroll wheel problem


This article is about fixing the scroll wheel issue. The solution is very simple; if you have issues with the scroll wheel on the mighty mouse, like you can only scroll down, but not up again, then this is what I did.

How to

Unplug your mouse and turn it around so the scroll wheel is facing the table. Give the mouse a rough shake to loosen some of the dirt and dust inside and start moving the scroll wheel around on a sheet of white paper. After a while you will most likely see dirt along the track. Keep doing this until you feel the resistance is uniform no matter what direction you are tracking and it it clean.

I did this, plugged the mouse back in and was able to scroll again. What a relief…

Open mouse surgery

For the brave or the curious – here is how to disassemble the mouse and clean the ball manually.

Note, that I could probably come up with enough points for an entire article of things I would like to