Innovative Japanese food labels

During the last year we have been establishing a subsidiary in Tokyo and I have been fortunate having the opportunity to see Japan a couple of times in the process. Before that, I had never been in the part of the world – I have, however, always had a secret fascination for the mysterious Japanese culture.

And that does not seem to stop … here is one of the reasons. I keep seeing things that on first glance seem totally alien, but when I take a closer look it makes totally sense and makes me wonder why I have not seen this in my part of the world before.

The picture here is not from a supermarket, but from a website. Apparently it is a prototype – but it is a very clever idea.

Innovative food labeling example

Like in the rest of the world, supermarkets here cannot sell food after the expiration date. Some have tried tampering with the labels resulting in public scandals. The solution could be done as an intelligent label that changes color based on the level of ammonia the food emits as it ages.

The label is brilliantly done on more than one way – it is shaped in a way everybody will recognize and it is intended to work render the bar-code unreadable after passing its expiration date.

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Well – Japan is cool. Period.