Up in the air

Loyalty programmes are very effective marketing tools. Some people will do almost anything to collect enough “milage” to achieve status and enjoy the benefits of being an elite member of one programme or another.

I never realized the real value of air miles until I noticed something interesting in the newsletter from Scandinavian Air Systems, SAS today:

I have seen this before, so I was not surprised reading that you can earn 1.500 points by purchasing a Mac Book in their online store. Neither was it a surprise to see that you may also use your points to purchase things outside the airline world.

But, here comes the surprise, two cinema tickets are priced at 13.788 points. Although Soda and popcorn is included, the newsletter does not mention flying you to some exotic place first…

Something is clearly out of proportion – either the monetary value of these bonus points is indeed very low, or perhaps the airline is just very reluctant handing over points when purchasing laptops and other expensive items?