Finally online again

I have been using as my hosting provider for many years, but after suffering ridiculously lousy technical support and an increasingly arrogant tone from the team, I finally decided it was time to move on.

Now, cancelling a subscription is never that easy. It has to be done well in advance of the invoice renewal – if you miss the deadline, you will have to pay for another year. When I cancelled my account, I had 6 months left before next invoice would be issued.

Four months later I discovered that my email and my webmail was no longer working.

I could not access my control panel either. And this was critital – that is the only way, you can check your invoice status or any of the settings at

It turned out that my account had not only been cancelled, but everything had been deleted – despite the fact, that I had 2 more months paid for. Precious time that I would have spend backing up and migrating all my users to the new provider.

That was not bound to happen. All attempts trying to convince to restore my files, give me access to a raw IP number or help me in some other way was fruitless. Unless I agreed to pay for their services, they could not care less.


This left me in an unexpected situation. Imagine being called up by a friend wondering why his email to you has bounced and then realizing that you have no email server anymore. And what is worse, you have just lost all your online email archives.

My first priority was to find an appropriate replacement for the mail server and then worry about the website later. After a little research I made the decision to sign up with Google Apps and have been positively surprised how well this has been working for me and my family over the last year.


Unfortunately I have not been that good at backing up, so what I can bring online today is really old stuff.

To be honest I have been really tempted to drop this platform and continue my website on Google Site services instead. However, this is a perfect opportunity to redo the layout of my old site, clean up and drop the accumulated plugins and modifications I had customized and patched again and again over the years.

And WordPress has evolved quite a bit while I have been busy ignoring this website. So many things to look into again :-)