Tax incentives in a time of crisis

One of the qualities of a personal blog is the ability to serve as an outlet for your positive/negative energy. When you are really upset about something, writing about it almost work the same way describing a personal problem to a close friend . It seem to ease the pressure and establish clarity.

Considering the risk of my blog developing into a garbage bin for angry statements on everyday annoyances, I simply just have to write about this one. If nothing else, you will have an opportunity to smile/wonder/cry/laugh about this article from ComputerWorld Denmark.

screenshot from Computerworld Denmark

You would think that with the undisputed world record in taxation per capita, we should have enough smart people on the payroll to come up with smart incentives encouraging us Danish citizens to – if even possible – work harder individually contributing towards recovering from the global economic crisis.

But this is apparently not what they think in the Danish equivalent of IRS. Announcing a  new taxation item that will bring in additional and much needed finances for the ever growing public sector.

This time, it is the value of using a company computer at home, something estimated to be representing a fictive annual income of DKK 5.000,-
And all income is taxable, of course.

It may arguably be a fair target if a computer is provided for your personal enjoyment by the company, but the tax people are thinking in broader terms. All equipment belonging to the company you are working for – even the office laptop – will be considered taxable.

“Du ryger i beskatning, når du bærer maskinen ind på dit matrikelnummer som udgangspunkt,” siger Peter Høyer.

Ordinary people with normal income already struggling to make a living on what little is left from the world highest taxation, will naturally seek alternatives. And there is only one in this case.

Stop working from home unless you want to spend your vacation money paying for it.