Maybe giving away my email address, was not a good idea…


If you from time to time purchase something online, download an evaluation version somewhere or sign up for a newsletter, you are in risk of causing  an avalanche of uninvited emails coming in later on. There are a number of examples available if the wild – if you still have not experienced this, consider yourself lucky.

Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody came up with a service allowing you access to a temporary email address that you could use for those purpuses?

My oldest son introduced me to such a service hosted in Denmark. Because of the way the service has been named, I have been somewhat reluctant to spreading the word. However, it certainly does the job can be recommended for people that does not care about having fecal bookmarks.

A couple of days ago, I discovered a similar service called Spamavert. Looks like this one will be my new favorite – it is fast, clean and there is Firefox extension available as icing on the cake.

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