Unresponsive and slow fibernet from DONG/JAY.NET?

Disappointing speed test of the 100MB fiber delivered by DONG A/S
Disappointing speed test of the 100MB fiber delivered by DONG A/S

We recently purchased a somewhat expensive 100/10MB fiber line at home and was somewhat disappointed learning that although we thought we payed for this, we will never ever get there in terms of real delivered capacity. When testing the “real” bandwidth using a tool like speedtest.net between out house a a nearby server in Malmø, Sweden – we typically see line specs of 12888 kbs down and 1918 kbs upload.

On the monthly bill from JAY.NET they tell us they are delivering 100 MB up and 10MB down.

Customer support at JAY.NET is not accepting bandwidth testing results on external servers and will only look into this on the direct cable between them and our house. To accomplish that we will have to unhook everything in house, wait for one hour for the static IP address and then connect one PC directly to their box in the basement. If – and only if – we do that, they will be able to do some measurements.

We have not done this yet for two reasons:

  1. The one hour penalty every time you unhook a cable from their box. This works both ways – one hour before we can do measurements, and one hour after before our router can be used again.
  2. They have very limited opening hours – and we have to work in order to pay their bills.

Speedtest log - Jaynet never delivered 100MB at allBut it is sad that it works this way. Speedtest.net keeps a log where you can follow your  bandwidth benchmark and in our case the initial test we did when we first installed fiber one month ago was around 71.674 kbs – not even close to 100Mb but certainly a lot better than what we have today.

Also it is interesting to note that ever since that one day more than a month ago, we have not been able to log download capacity above 13.400 kbs. Totally unacceptable if you ask me.

Things like that makes you wonder if this is just our connection causing technical issues or if this may be the standard business practice. It certainly seems like JAY.NET is making an effort preventing easy delivery verification.

I will have to look into this sometime… but as I will have to take a day off before I can even talk to DONG/JAY.NET, this will have to wait… (and if I am not alone, that is probably the way a lot of their clients are reasoning – with the unfortunate consequence that we are not going to see any improvement from there)

Unresponsive network

We have had a different issue as well after getting fiber. Not related to the fiber at all, but 100% related to a new router we purchased to get everything running as smooth as possible on the new network. Sometimes the internal network stopped responding for a couple of minutes . Obviously very annoying for everybody and – at least for us – hard to diagnose.

Occasionally when somebody switched on their computer, the network stopped working for everybody. Then after a few minutes things were back to normal again. At least until somebody joined the network somewhere else in the house…

Long story short. I found the reason in the log files of the ZyXEL router. It seems that if you are using Skype on a ZyXEL router like hours, you are prone to experience this problem sooner or later – the router needs a small modification to avoid this issue.

Everything is documented over at my technical notes – feel free to have a look if you are interested.