Break the barriers and become productive

One of the first things I did after hooking up the first Mac i got at home, was installing Quicksilver because I knew how much more efficient it would make me in terms of using the system. Most of the time QuickSilver is just a very comfortable application launcher, but it also provides a very user friendly tool for selecting certain items and using them in combination with applications. Like adding stuff to your to-do-list, finding a couple of images, crop them and email to somebody etc. And all of this of course in one operation.

Well, I got addicted to this way of working and although Quicksilver is not available for the PC platform I use at work, I found a good application launcher that works in a similar fashion (except for the advanced mashing capabilities) in Launchy.

Now, look what just came out of Mozilla labs. A browser based test application offering mashing capabilities directly from the browser. This will come in handy if you for example are writing an email and just want to insert a graphical map or copy the appointment to the diary while you are reading – without having to leave the draft email.

Have a look at the intro video by Aza raskin:

Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

I do realize that this is VERY EARLY technology, but it certainly is a very interesting concept and I am convinced this will take off and spread to the other browser platforms as well.