Gadgets come with cables

I noticed this picture on “How to change the world” by Guy Kawasaki – one of the few blogs I follow closely and always enjoy reading.

Guy Kawasiki’s snapshot of the new AirBook all wired up

Guy ironically titled the picture “AirLegance”.

In a way I suspected it would be like this. The device looks too good to be true. Allthough I remain envious, it helps visualizing this picture. It is bad enough already having to travel with power supplies, cables etc for the old school Laptop PC and devices I have purchased over time.

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  1. I use my Macbook Air regularly. I don’t have to do anything like this… in fact, with the insane battery life I get with it, 8-9 hours, I rarely even need to plug it in to a power socket.

    The problem with the person who took this picture, is they bought ONLY a Macbook Air. It’s not meant to be used as a mobile desktop, it’s an ultra-portable – with one intended function, portability. One reason the price is actually reasonable is it’s target market – people who already own and use regularly their own separate (probably also expensive) desktop computers. My Mac Pro has a ridiculous mess of cords behind it, but that is so my Macbook Air doesn’t have to.

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