Watch out … online shopping is not always the best deal

Modified Adobe Lightroom logo - closeup of a very blue eye

I am well aware that Denmark is a very expensive place to live. Prices are high on everything – especially if it involves manual services because of our unreasonable high tax on income.

But please … give us a break and let us at least have identical pricing online.

That is apparently not the case at the online Adobe store. It seems that Adobe intensionally is marking up the online pricing for non US citizens. Here is an example to prove this theory.

Adobe Lightroom

I wanted to purchase this new very attractive product ever since it was released. Just did not have time to do anything about it for a while. Here is the deal – watch out in the online store. Although I have not had time to do a thorough review of this either, I think this is pretty remarkable. I simply checked pricing at the online Adobe shop in Denmark, in the UK and in the US.
Here is what I get in the different country specific outlets:

US Adobe online shop USD 299
UK Adobe online shop GBP 205.62
DK Adobe online shop DKK 2,312.50

Now, these prices could mean anything if you are not used to looking at foreign currencies. But look at these prices again after I have converted to US dollars:

USD Markup
Adobe DK 428,97 +43%
Adobe UK 421,76 +41%
Adobe US 299.00 n/a

To make matters worse, the online Adobe shop is a very clever application. You cannot just switch to the US based online store and make your purchase there. Your credit card details will nail you into the appropriate country shop. It is like, you may take it, or leave it.

Can you get discount?

Looks like this is a no go. At least at the online store. And it is only be Adobe excluding international clients from fair pricing. I am a member of the NAPP usergroup, but even this paid for membership does not grant me access to the advertized discount on Adobe Lightroom. Because, well, I am not a US citizen (source)

You can get a good price and a discount on top if you have a US based address. Good for you – go for it…

Want the best price?

Then go travel. If you are not a US citizen, you might be in for a bargain. Needless to say you will certainly see this products a lot cheaper on the shelves of US shops, but you might also get lucky in other parts of the world.

I personally found my copy while I was waiting for a meeting in Sydney, Australia. Adobe Lightroom was sold in the Dymock bookstore on St. George for AUD 159 – wich is roughly USD 140.

Note, that this is a ONE THIRD of the price I would have to pay, had I ordered at the Danish Adobe online store!

So much for online commerce – pricing really varies and it certainly pays off to check a few online stores before committing to anything. Just surprising this is the case at the Adobe corporate web shop.

No, let’s revert to brick and mortar. Let us burn some jet fuel and help accelerating the greenhouse effect instead ;-)