The wizards at Apple

It is not that I have been a true believer for a long time. In fact my entry into the Apple era has been entriely driven by my experiences with the Apple iPod. My first was the mini iPod which I truly enjoyed because of the slick design, the color, the ease of use and the fantastic capacify. I used it while travelling and in the car. Enjoyed listening to audio books as a new thing in my world. When the iPod Nano arrived it was like magic again. This device had even slicker design, better display and came at a reasonable price. I had similar experiences with the iPod Video and it obviously did not take me long to decide purchasing another small iPod Nano with the Nike+ extension.

And then, just before Christmas, I could not resist it any longer and ordered my first MacBook. I wanted to have a look at how this fantastic design drive could have influenced something as dull as a laptop computer. Apparently a lot of people did the same because it was not delivered until December 29th – which unfortunately was much too late for me to set aside any kind of time to have a decent look at the new laptop.

A tight working schedule keeps me busy around the clock, and although I would have liked to, I think Airport Security around the world would not appreciate me bringing both a PC Laptop and a MacBook on my travel. I will just have to wait continuing my journey into the Mac world until I am back home again end of January.

A big surprise was up when I watched the online version of the MacWorld 2007 keynote. Steve Jobs is of course a celebrated and brilliant presenter, but I could not help admire the way he introduced the new Mac iPhone to be made available this summer.

The audience cheered as he disclosed the future launch of three new devices:

  • A widescreen iPod video with touch controls
  • A revolutionary mobile phone
  • An breakthrough Internet Communication Device

And brilliantly done. Each comes with a set of features we all would love to see. Surprisingly, the new iPhone is ultimately a combination of all these devices.

Picture of new iPhone The design is obviously slick and innovative. But then again, what else would you expect from these guys…

The phone has only a single home button, a large touch sensitive screen being smart enough to feel the presence of your head/ear and what way you are holding it. The operating system is a scaled down version of the trusted and very efficient Mac OS X platform.

And usability has obviously been a priority when this device was being researched and build. This is not a standard mobile phone announcement – this got to be a giant step forward for mobile devices.

See more on YouTube or your favorite video clip site. I believe the Apple website will have something on this soon.

(Just noticed somebody starting making jokes about it already at NBC.)

On my shelf back home I have several PDA’s, Pocket PC mobile phones. All ultimately ditched because they just did not provide the mobile phone function I needed. But various issues have annoyed me over time. Things like very low battery time, stupid and involved user interfaces, extremely slow responses doing even the simplest operations like basic phone number lookup etc. Sometimes I got upset after learning the device was doing strange things after the screen had been touching my ear.

I do not know how you feel about it, but I have started saving already. I want one as soon as they will become available internationally. Cannot wait, to be honest!