An almost Western morning in Bangkok

I passed a Starbucks with wireless access on the way to the office today. Could not resist the temptation of having a cup of English Breakfast tea… seems like a long time since I had anything else than a spicy meal for breakfast. Not that I do not like that, but once in a while it’s nice to be back “home” again.

Snapshot from Startbucks this morning with Silom road in the background

Sorry for the poor quality of the mobile phone photo – it’s Silom road in the background with the usual morning traffic. Fortunately the office is less than 10 minutes walk from here and it is a fine and cool day for a change. That is, of course, if you carefully avoid walking in the sunlight.

It may be a sign that the cool season is beginning now in Thailand. Most travel agencies recommen visiting Thailand over christmas because of the more convenient temperature at that time of the year.

It certainly was last year when I was here first time with the family resting a couple of days in Bangkok after the Tsunami at the west coast. This was right after christmas and although I did not really appreciate it then, I now realize we did have cool weather.

But best of all, I did not have to wear a dark suit all the time then :-)