California Fitness on Sukhumwit

It’s sad, but I have not been able to practice Taekwondo with the boys since summer. I have been really tied up with work and travel and feel terribly bad about it. Not only am I getting way out of sync with what is going on in the club, but I can also tell by looking in the mirror that I really need to get started again soon.

I was surprised when I met with my old fried, John in Boston last week. He told how much weight he had lost since he moved back from the UK. John has never been out of shape in any way, but started running instead of lifting iron all the time. He looked great and full of energy… and made me think about my own decay.

Screenshot of their homepage

So, as I am staying in in Thailand for almost 2 weeks, I decided it’s time for some exercise again. There is a fantastic place called [California Fitness WOW]( within walking distance from my apartment.

The fitness center is absolutely huge. And each floor is huge in its own right. You start in the basement level and work your way up. I completed my 45 mins running two floors up along with what must have been 50 other runners.

I hired a personal trainer when I signed up and committed for the entire duration of my stay.

I never really done this before so we had an intro tour today, where my abilities were tested and a special plan was created for me. Although I can see the reasonable point in determining how much fat I have on my body, I was mildly put surprised when he suddenly asked “Can I touch your body?” and before I had entirely decoded the question, he had a firm grip on one of my prominent side deposits.

How embarrassing… they are certainly not shy here.

Also he apparently did not appreciate my physical appearance at all. “…and you need to work on your arms – they are totally out of proportion compared to your chest” and so on. He had no problem coming up with a goal for my plan either. It’s called “Fat burning”. Of course it is.

Well, I guess this is just constructive comments phrased a little bit different than what I am used to.

It was a lot harder than I ever imagined. But in a good way. I could hardly lift the pen when signing the paperwork afterwards and think I will not have problems falling asleep again tonight.

So here I am sweating profusely half an hour after showering and walking back to my appartment in slow motion. Feeling great and ready for next session tomorrow.