Google World Extensions

After learning how wonderful a job the Google team has been doing in releasing the [Google Earth]( program recently, almost by accident, I stumbled over the fact that I had only been scratching the surface of this animal – there already exist a number of dynamic extension layers in the wild. And they are amazing.

This is just a quick note to share the fact – I had not seen this before and I know a lot of people that would love see this as well.

###Download an extension
As soon as you are done playing with the build in *Movie rentals* and *Grocery stores* layers that really only work for the US, you should download something like [this extension]( listing the 50 newes pictures from Flickr taken in the neighbourhood of the detail you are looking at.

Choose *open with Google Earth* when prompted by the browser and it will be available as an extra option in the list called *Temporary Places*.

###Example, Copenhagen – Denmark
This is a sample picture randomly zoomed in on a part of central Copenhagen.

Picture 1 - central Copenhagen without tags

###Flickr layer enabled
As soon as the layer is enabled the picture database at Flick will return the 50 most recent pictures appropriately tagged with Geographical coordinates in your vicinity. In this view we see them as small snapshop icons. Expect to see a signicant rise in the number of snapshots as people get comfortable with Geo Tagging.

Picture 2 - central Copenhagen with snapshots

###Zoom in again
Now in a different dimension – use the popup menu and select *View in Flickr* and you will see the Flickr screen appear in the lower part of the Google Earth Window. Feel free to scroll and examine to your hearts content.

Picture 3 - central Copenhagen with snapshots and Flickr screen

###I am amazed
Isn’t that just fantastic? think about the possibilities using the open Keyhole API provided by Google. Read more about the entire thing here: .