Problems with new Adobe Create Suite 2 Premium

I considered myself lucky when I received the CS2 Creative Suite Premium just before the weekend and really was looking forward to have a good look at all the fantastic new features.

Adobe CS 2 box

Unfortunately it seems like Adobe has been rushing this release for international PC users. I hit 3 severe problems right away and unfortunately the European Technical Support team at Adobe couldn’t help me out, before they had to leave for their weekend break.

One of the most central new features in Adobe CS 2 is the new file explorer like application called the Adobe Bridge.

For some reason, I cannot use the Bridge. When I start it from PhotoShop CS 2, I get a dialog box with the following message right after it becomes visible with the initial desktop view:

“Adobe bride cannot be used at this time because of licensing restrictions. You must have installed and launched at least one other Adobe application to use Adobe Bridge”

I have tried with more applications than PS running in the background before starting the bride to no avail. As soon as I hit OK, the bridge app aborts. Isn’t that just frustrating?

Automatic Update not working

I reported two additional problems related to automatic update not working. One in PhotoShop and one in Version Cue.

PhotoShop never ceased to present me with a dialog box claiming that update did not work and suggested I reinstalled the entire suite. Not something I felt like after just having spend a full hour installing with no apparent problems. The European Technical Support team in Netherland suggested I copied the updater directory from the localized path c:\program filer\fælles filer\adobe to c:\program filer\common files\adobe – and that took care of the PhotoShop update problem. Hmmm….

I am still waiting for a recommendation on automatic update for Version Cue.

What’s next

Last statement from Technical Support was that they would have to have a complete list of files from my system and that they realized this was probably sensitive information, so they would understand if I decided not to move on. I have nothing to hide on my PC, so I agreed to that and then I guess it became weekend in Holland, no further dialog.

Indesign CS2

I am watching the startup splash screen every time for more than 8 minuttes. Apparently the program is kept busy – I have the following message in the splash screen:

Initializing the SING gaiji system…

I really do not think this is a memory problem, because once it is up and running everything works fine. But I don’t think it’s normal to allow more than 8 minuttes for the Adobe InDesign CS2 program to start. Although I have already ordered more RAM, so I can upgrade my 512 MB to 2GB shortly, I am willing to bet that this is also due to a bug in the installation procedure.

Oh, and surprise – the update function does not work in this program either.

Beta version?

With the small fortune I have had to pay for this delivery, I really was not expecting to purchase a beta product. I sincerely hope the good folks at Adobe will move fast on this one. It must be pretty embarrasing to release that kind of buggy programs. I guess Europe is a small area on the American radar screen and may not represent a significant market…