Update from Adobe available

I know from experience that it is by far more efficient to browse the adobe forums than to wait for Adobe Technical Support to get info back to you through their internal channels.

Today I noticed that an official bug fix release for the Bridge module is available as is the case for a dictionary fix for InDesign CS2.

Warning – automatic updates

During installation I selected an option called something like check for updates automatically, but I am not convinced this is working it’s magic automatically. The reason I doubt it, is that when I manually select the Updates... option in the Photoshop CS2 Help-menu, I get the following response:

Photoshop Update Error dialog box

I suspect the automatic feature will encounter a similar problem and abort swiftly. Automatically.

The Solution

Fortunately, there is a workaround. My savior at Adobe, Michelle Qi from when I couldn’t even open the Bridge a month ago, told me to manually launch the Adobe Update Utility as an advice to my updater issues.

Now that program is located here on my system:

Adobe Update Utility location

And it works. After a few seconds of unbearable suspense the following screen appears:

Photoshop Update Utility running

The update installation process works flawlessly and is nicely presented. Good work Adobe.


I installed both available upgrade. It did nothing for me on the issue with InDesign CS2 taking full 8 minutes to start up, but at least I know that I am current and complete with respect to bug fix releases from Adobe. And maybe even more importantly, I learned that I can trust the updater if I invoke it manually from time to time in the future.